Become Like a Child

God sees every single one of us. He deeply knows our hearts. Quite frankly, He doesn't care about your resume. He doesn't accomplish his purposes by highlighting the "socially normal" & using the best and brightest to advance His Kingdom. No, that's man's mentality, and quite revealing of our controlling, dependent-less hearts. God’s team has … Continue reading Become Like a Child


Operating In The Grace Perspective

Recently, it seems like there are a lot of words that are on the attack. Firing out one by one like bullets aiming to shred a person...I have watched it happen this week and have even felt it personally. I don’t know how else to say it other than there seems, at times, to be … Continue reading Operating In The Grace Perspective

Destination Unknown

Sometimes you just have to get away, take a back road, and travel to where you don’t know you’re going. It’s there you can get lost in the wonder of the One and remember just who you are. I journeyed recently towards a destination unknown in an attempt to do such a thing. It had … Continue reading Destination Unknown

Prepare the Way

I start my day often with Ann’s words. She calls herself just plain ole’ Ann, but nothing is really that plain about her. How can you be plain anything when the fingerprints of God are so clearly marked all across your life? And really are any of us just ‘plain ole’ somebody’? God really doesn’t … Continue reading Prepare the Way

Let Faith Arise

“Be still. There is a healer. His love is deeper than the sea. His mercy is unfailing. His arms, a fortress for the weak…” I found myself singing these words to the tune of an uncertain situation. And when someone you love calls to tell you their mother received news that they have less than … Continue reading Let Faith Arise